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Working with mission-driven brands has is an area of focus for Crystal Lily Creative, because we understand the value of community and supporting one another. We as a collective shouldn't have to choose between making money and doing good. So, when Nina Stoller-Lindsey shared that she wanted to grow an inclusive business where she could make an impact without sacrificing her livelihood it was a perfect fit. Continue reading to learn how 1-on-1 Brand Coaching helped Nina honor her values and commitments as she grew her social media strategy business.

1-on-1 Brand Coaching

Company: Nina Stoller-Lindsey Coaching and Consulting, LLC

What is their mission?

Nina Stoller-Lindsey Coaching and Consulting helps mission-driven founders build stress-free social media and content strategies that drive sales, business growth, social good, and community. 

What are their values?

Community, Creativity, Meaningful work, Sustainability, Empowerment 


In June 2020, Nina Stoller-Lindsey held a prominent position in a large company as its social media head. When she was asked to lead the brand's response to the Black Lives Matter movement, she realized her perspective on the subject was limited. After leaving her position to start her own company in 2021, Nina knew she wanted to integrate inclusivity and social justice for her clients and herself so, Nina sought guidance from a DEIB educator.

Nina aimed to work with purpose-driven organizations, address social issues in her content, and assist her clients in doing the same. However, she needed to gain deeper knowledge and understanding from a DEIB educator to effectively integrate social issues into her content in a meaningful way. Although she had undertaken considerable efforts to define her brand's mission, vision, and purpose, she knew working with a DEIB educator would give her invaluable perspective and clarity. Nina wanted to work with a branding expert that understood DEIB and its role in business, and that’s where Crystal Lily Creative came in. 

Today, Nina has a greater understanding of DEIB and how it plays a role in her business. She realized that to address social justice issues in a genuine way, she needed to look beyond her own experience and seek out diverse perspectives.


Nina enrolled in Crystal Lily Creatives' 1-on-1 coaching solution. This comprehensive program empowers business leaders to develop a powerful messaging strategy with a strong mission, vision, and brand statements.

This mindfully curated solution offers businesses the tools to:

  • Communicate their core values and beliefs through engaging messaging
  • Create a community centered around their brand that aligns with those values
  • Unpack bias and actively promote inclusivity
  • Develop actionable steps to increase brand inclusion
  • Establish meaningful relationships that facilitate growth
  • Confidently move their brand forward with consulting services that clarify their brand's direction, embody an inclusive leadership style and mindset

Nina and Crystal worked together for three months to clarify inclusion and its role in Nina’s business, define how Nina wanted to connect with her community to support her clients, causes, and movements she cares about, root Nina’s brand story in her core values, disrupt and identify bias, and create clear mission, vision, and brand statements that align with Nina’s core values and beliefs.



After working with Crystal Lily Creative to establish a mission-driven business where Nina doesn’t have to choose between making money and doing good while using social media to amplify her message, Nina went on to create and assist other business owner through multiple initiatives:

  • Encouraged social media users to amplify activism, raise awareness on important issues, and leverage their online platforms for good.
  • Supported abortion access by donating profits from her inaugural program launch and ticket sales received from workshops.
  • Supported a pro bono Black women-led nonprofit that supports people with HIV in the rural south. 
  • Conducted a workshop to teach individuals how to address breaking news on social media. Proceeds from tickets were donated to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.
  • Created a hundred percent scholarship seat in her first group program for a Black women founded nonprofit leader who helps Black and Latino girls travel the world for self-empowerment.

Nina also: 

  • Doubled revenue from her first year of business 
  • Grew Instagram following 50% 

Here is more from Nina on YouTube.

“Learning about inclusive branding from Crystal has been one of the most eye-opening and empowering experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur *and* as a person.

Her core values-based approach helped me crystalize my belief that, as a business owner, you shouldn’t have to choose between making money and doing good. Now, I help other business owners use social media to do both.

Crystal is deeply insightful, always compassionate, and never judgmental. So when it comes to the challenging work of disrupting your own bias, you could not find a better person to guide you. I cannot recommend her enough!” –Nina Stoller-Lindsey, Social Media and Content Strategist for Mission-Driven Brands

Are you ready to ensure your brand and leadership style are a genuine reflection of your inclusive values and commitments? Reach out to learn how 1-on-1 coaching can help.

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