Crystal Lily Creative Philosophy

Crystal Lily Creative believes in empowering leaders by helping them create the tools they need to form relationships that support their growth and their purpose, without sacrificing integrity.

As diversity and inclusion branding consultants, we believe in the freedom to use our platform to help create positive growth and change within communities, because safety and equality should be a right, not a privilege.

We believe that disrupting the status quo is necessary so that self-care no longer has to include evaluating the safety of the spaces people seek to occupy. 

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Our Values

Freedom/Autonomy | Empowerment | Self-care/Well-being | Community | Trust

Hi! I'm Crystal.

Founder of Crystal Lily Creative. We offer Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development Consulting. 

The Crystal Lily brand began in 2015 as a photography brand. In 2019, we shifted from photography to working with mission-driven brands as diversity and inclusion branding consultants after business owners expressed interest in learning how to build more inclusive businesses. Combining 15+ years of corporate experience with creative passion, inclusive brand consulting and leadership development experiences were born.   

We believe core values are the soul of any business. We use that philosophy in business coaching to help leaders root, feed, and define their brand. Our core values centered approach helps leaders share their message and connect to people in a meaningful way. When we work together, leaders gain the tools and resources to build an engaged community around their brand.

Let's transform the way you think about your business and evolve your leadership style!


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