Let's Talk About Ways to Create Environments that are:


Values Aligned

Human Focused

Trauma Informed

Genuinely inclusive environments create space for people to feel like they belong. 

When people don’t have to spend mental and emotional energy wondering if they’re actually welcome, that energy can be redirected towards connection, creativity, and collaboration.

Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development

Crystal works with leaders and brands who care deeply about diversity, equity inclusion, and belonging to create human-focused environments and experiences rooted in core values.

Her vision is to inspire leaders, educators, and disruptors to embody their values and their purpose to create environments that are brave, collaborative, and inclusive.

Guest Speaking

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About Crystal

Crystal Whiteaker (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a Leadership Development and DEIB* Consultant specializing in inclusive coaching and consulting for brands and leaders that care deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Crystal brings over 15 years of creative, relational, process-driven experience across multiple industries.  She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” who puts a strong focus on core values to help people elevate their community connections to communicate and lead with clarity and confidence.

Crystal is an advocate for leaders and organizations that provide resources and support for healing, particularly in relation to trauma. When she's not working, Crystal enjoys spending time at the beach, connecting with people, and exploring new places.

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Paige Ray, Paige Ray Creative

“Crystal is THE BEST speaker for your program or business. She’s spoken to my mastermind groups multiple times, and I’m so grateful that she offers us her time, expertise and caring presence. She’s given us many aha moments and insights, and what she offers in her work is incredibly valuable, informative and world-shaping. Her voice and presence is always my top priority when I’m booking speakers for my groups. I highly recommend working with Crystal, aka the world’s best human.”

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My mission is to inspire more communication, compassion, and understanding. I want to create space for connection and collective growth that results in safety and belonging for all people.


I look forward to connecting with you!



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