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Clarify your intentions and learn how to create engaging content to connect with your ideal community.

During this challenge, you will receive three lessons with actionable, digestible guidance to help you clarify your core values and use them to create mindful, inclusive messaging people can connect to.


Maximize your values and clearly outline your commitment to inclusion so you can connect to your ideal community.

Amy Shack Egan

"Crystal is A PRO! I worked with Crystal this past year to dive deep into my branding and core values as a company. I cannot recommend Crystal highly enough and frankly, wish I had her when I started my business six years ago. But I know that I will certainly be a repeat client, however, and recommend her to anyone + everyone." ~Amy Shack Egan, Founder & CEO

Leah Weinberg

"Working with Crystal was an incredible experience! I worked with Crystal on making sure that both my website and the new book I'm writing are inclusive and rooted in my core values. The feedback she provided on both was invaluable to making sure that I'm cultivating safe and welcoming spaces for all humans with shared values. She also inspired me to take a deep dive into my (and my brand's) core values, which was something I marinated on for several weeks and that resulted in some pretty significant a-ha moments for me. Crystal is incredibly kind, funny, thoughtful, professional, brilliant, and an all-around amazing human. I cannot recommend her and her work more highly!!!" ~Leah Weinberg, NYC Small Business Attorney

Align your message to your core values!


  • Identify & define your values
  • Communicate their purpose & benefits
  • Share why your values matter
  • Connect them to your message
  • Tie your values to your commitment to inclusion

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