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Author Q&A: Brave Leadership is a Choice

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Famm Founder Spotlight

Crystal Whiteaker, the Founder and CEO of Crystal Lily Creative, redefines the essence of branding by weaving inclusivity and authenticity into every fiber of her work. Launching from a profound shift from the corporate realm to the vibrant world of creative entrepreneurship, Crystal’s mission transcends beyond business—it’s about helping leaders and brands build genuinely inclusive, values-aligned environments.

The Value in Belonging

Tune into this conversation with Paige Ray on Over the Edge Podcast where we discuss creating expansive spaces for conversations with care and the value of belonging, to each other and ourselves. We also talk about the important role of healing when doing inclusion and belonging work and how to care for our well-being through the process.

Brave Leadership

Check out this episode of Talk with Renee Dalo, where we discuss brave leadership and fostering a sense of belonging. ⁣ We discuss the importance of self-care and self-awareness in leadership and how it can enhance your effectiveness and well-being. We also talk about strategies for building resilience and confidently overcoming challenges. We also delve into the power of letting go and redirecting energy to create space for inclusivity. Plus, we uncover the incredible benefits of journaling and voice notes as tools for emotional processing and personal growth in leadership.

Valuing Inclusion

You cannot be inclusive without also being trauma-informed. Tune into this conversation with Katie Kurtz where we talk about the inextricable connection between inclusion and trauma-informed care on her podcast: A Trauma-Informed Future. In this episode, we discuss the impact of trauma on individuals and organizations, the need for brave leadership, and the power of aligning core values in creating a trauma-informed future.

Brave Leadership is a Choice

Tune into this rich conversation with Matthew Newman about the 'B' in DEIB - belonging. It's a reminder that we all play a role in creating inclusive spaces. Let's open our hearts and embrace the beauty of diversity, making sure everyone feels like they truly belong.

What Makes A Brave Leader

Since publishing Brave Leadership is a Choice: An Inclusive Guide to Creating Belonging, people have asked: What makes a brave leader? The answer is nuanced, but here's what you should know... Being a brave leader requires reimagining the way we approach business and leadership by prioritizing human-focused connection. This is best done by first connecting with ourselves and understanding what we truly need and desire to be in alignment with our values and commitments. Tune into this conversation with Carrie Murray on Get Carried Away to learn more about What Makes a Brave Leader.

The Truth About Creating Inclusive Content For Your Brand

While you’re trying to incorporate diversity through messaging and visuals, you could be doing more harm than good. Genuine inclusion isn’t something that you buy in a package with a checklist, or employ with a gallery of stock photos showing people from diverse backgrounds. Change isn’t made simply through posting graphics with trendy colors. Lasting Change Starts with Disruption. Read this article featured by The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits to learn more.

Healing The Belonging Wound With Inclusive Branding & Leadership Coach, Crystal Whiteaker

Crystal shares her journey to becoming an inclusive company branding and leadership development coach from accepting experiences in her bi-racial upbringing, stepping into advocacy for sexual assault survivors, and healing the mother wound.

Inclusivity, Freedom and Changing Your Career

Learn about our CEO, Crystal Whiteaker's transition from a wedding photographer to a successful brand inclusivity consultant. We also dive deep into adding a personal touch to your branding and showing up as genuine as possible on social media.

Is Your Inclusive Messaging Backed Up By Inclusive Practices?

Since 2020, there has been a surge of businesses taking a stance on social justice issues, but not all are building a consistent message. How can they ensure that their inclusive messaging is backed up by inclusive practices and behavior? Where are corporations missing the mark? In this episode, Vanessa speaks with Crystal Whiteaker about how to do the work to make sure your company’s message matches its values.

InPursuit of DEI and Belonging

Tune into this conversation with Dr. Melanie Hicks about embracing change, prioritizing healing, and overcoming fear through values, authenticity, and the importance of having a sense of belonging

How to Build an Inclusive Brand on the Grab Life by the Goals Podcast
How to Build an Inclusive Brand

Check out Crystal’s conversation with Lauren Widrick on the Grab Life by the Goals Podcast

How to Build an Inclusive Brand on the Grab Life by the Goals Podcast
Why You Need to Build an Inclusive, Empowered Brand

Learn more in this conversation with Isabel Kateman on the Mindreading Marketing Podcast

Creating an Inclusive Business and Living An Inclusive Life

Read about Crystal’s personal journey to creating an inclusive leadership development and company branding business and living an inclusive life on the Women Who Express Caro’s City blog series

Building DEI and Belonging into a Brand's Values

Crystal Whiteaker intrinsically understands the importance of inclusion. As a leadership development and DEIB consultant, she specializes in inclusive leadership development and company branding, inclusive coaching and consulting for brands and leaders that care deeply about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). Join Heather and Crystal as they talk about Crystal’s motivation to reaffirm a brand's core values, give business goals and values advice, create a “Brave Space” within yourself, provide equity, inclusion, belonging, and diversity tips and create a positive, nourishing, nurturing, and healing connection with people.

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