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Case Studies

Mission Driven Social Media Strategy

Brand Coaching

Working with mission-driven brands is an area of focus for Crystal Lily Creative, because we understand the value of community and supporting one another. We as a collective shouldn't have to choose between making money and doing good. So, when Nina Stoller-Lindsey shared that she wanted to grow an inclusive business where she could make an impact without sacrificing her livelihood it was a perfect fit. Learn how 1-on-1 Brand Coaching helped Nina honor her values and commitments as she grew her social media strategy business here.

Brand Content Development, Product Marketing & Technology Refresh

At Crystal Lily Creative, our approach to inclusive branding centers around the experience before the aesthetic. Yes, aesthetics draw people in, however the brand foundation is what keeps people engaged. When we work on custom consulting projects, there is usually already an established brand. Our role during custom engagements is to ensure that the brand foundation is streamlined throughout every touch point, including content, products, and the overall experience people will be guided through. When Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra reached out to me, she was clear about her desire to ensure that every element of her organization reflected the values and commitments she and her team embodies. Together, we worked on developing content, product marketing, and refreshing Kadabra's technology. Learn more about the results of our work together here.

Applying The Aligned Values Framework™

in Higher Education

Humanity deserves a future where people enter spaces prepared to connect, inspire, and collaborate in ways that benefit everyone. Learn how Kirstie Wheeler, Educational Consultant and Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music has integrated The Aligned Values Framework™ in her classroom. The outcome has been remarkable. Students became better at articulating their values and recognizing the importance of inclusivity, while cultivating deeper self-awareness and human-focused leadership skills. The Aligned Values Framework™ positively impacted their personal and professional development. Read Applying The Aligned Values Framework™ in Higher Education to learn more.

We work with clients to help them create inclusive, aligned, human-focused environments rooted in core values.

  • Connect with people on a human level and empower them to support your mission.
  • Build relationships and work with people who align with your core values and beliefs so you don't feel like you're sacrificing your boundaries, while still honoring other people.
  • Speak directly to the people who will work with you and invest in you with clear, connected messaging.  
  • Create inclusive messaging and environments without worrying about saying or doing the "wrong" thing.
  • Embody your inclusive leadership style and way of being to reflect how you want to show up for people. 

Wendy Ryan, CEO at Kadabra and Author of Learn, Lead, Lift: How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness:

“For business owners who are serious about wanting every aspect of their business to reflect the values of inclusivity, equity-mindedness, authenticity and trauma-sensitivity I can't imagine working with a better thought or implementation partner than Crystal Lily Creative. Highly recommend!”

Kirstie Wheeler, Educational Consultant and Professor at Berklee College of Music:

"Crystal is amazing. She asks the hard questions and helps you work through the hard answers. Crystal understands that inclusion is a necessity for every human to have a voice at the table. She lives her work at the very core of her being and is one of the most genuine people I know. I was able to dive deeper and keep clarifying what is most important to me and that translated to my messaging becoming more clear. Crystal has made me a better human and business owner. I fully recommend Crystal if you're ready to do the work!" 

Carrie Murray, Founder and CEO of BRA Network:

"Crystal developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop on Inclusive Branding for Impactful Leaders for the female entrepreneurs that make up the BRA Network. What stands out about Crystal's style of teaching is that she listens well, she gave plenty of examples throughout her presentation and answered any and all questions from the attendees. Feedback was excellent from all participants. Top qualities: Organized presentation, excellent content knowledge and tremendous takeaways."

Amy Balsters, The Floral Coach:

“Working with Crystal was a refreshing, safe and transformative experience. Crystal is an honest and brilliant creative who shares her professional opinion with seasoned and unique insights around branding and DEI work. I felt incredibly seen when working with Crystal and was able to talk through fears and ideas without judgment. I highly recommend working with Crystal and look forward to seeing her coaching business expand and help more people!”

Elisa Stampf, Co-Founder+CEO, Insure Equality

“I enjoyed attending two masterclasses conducted by Crystal over the past few months. The space she creates is both open and intentional. I cannot endorse her or her programs enough; from how she starts to the discussions she cultivates, each moment gives you something you need (whether you know it or not). I'll be attending more of her offerings in the future, and I suggest you do the same.”

Courtney “Dazzler” Ibarra, Beatsource:

"Crystal Lily Creative is an expert in training and facilitating conversations with organizations, small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make diversity, equity and inclusion a cornerstone of their messaging and branding. Crystal's approach in motivating her students to identify core values and create clear messaging and tangible action plans allows for the experience to obtain a higher level of intention and self awareness applicable to any professional format and practicing those elements learned.

I highly recommend Crystal's education program as well as guest speaker services to train and touch on imperative discussions surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion and human-focused initiatives.” ~Courtney “Dazzler” Ibarra, Beatsource

DEIA Consultant, Arthur Padilla:

"It is refreshing to have the complex conversation broken down into manageable and doable strategies that can have profound impacts. She also emphasized the need for focusing on our internal selves and silencing our minds as relevant and necessary elements of "exercising" our ability to include everyone. Thank you for the insights and the wisdom! Everyone should be calling Crystal Whitaker!"

Frequently Asked Questions About Aligned


Embody Your Inclusive Leadership Style and Share Your Commitment to the People You Want to Inspire and Serve

You are dedicated to creating genuinely welcoming, human-focused, empowering environments, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

But let’s face it - we all need help sometimes. With support from Crystal Lily Creative, you will receive help to implement strategies to welcome and support the people you engage with, not just with your words, but with every fiber of your being.

Frustration and uncertainty don't have to take over when you think about what you post to social media or how to share your offers with your community, or even motivate your team to work towards your organization's mission and instead, feel confident that you can clearly speak your message from a place that is 100% aligned with your core values and beliefs. 

When we do the work together, I promise you'll be connecting and engaging with people in a way that makes everyone feel valued and understood, including yourself. By doing so, you’ll disrupt the status quo and make a positive impact for the people who support you and benefit from what you have to offer.

I would love to support you on your inclusive leadership journey!  


Nina Stoller-Lindsey, Social Media and Content Strategist for Mission-Driven Brands:

"Learning about inclusive branding from Crystal has been one of the most eye-opening and empowering experiences I’ve had as an entrepreneur *and* as a person.

Her core values-based approach helped me crystalize my belief that, as a business owner, you shouldn’t have to choose between making money and doing good. Now, I help other business owners use social media to do both.

Crystal is deeply insightful, always compassionate, and never judgemental. So when it comes to the challenging work of disrupting your own bias, you could not find a better person to guide you. I cannot recommend her enough!" ~Nina Stoller-Lindsey, Social Media and Content Strategist for Mission-Driven Brands

Paige Ray Creative:

"WOW! Her program was introspective and evolutionary; it made me feel like I had the tools to evolve myself, my business, and my values and express them in the way I really want to. I HIGHLY recommend doing her program for every and any business. She answered my questions and created a beautiful, supportive space to learn." ~Paige Ray, Paige Ray Creative

Color Pop Events:

"Working with Crystal was an incredible experience! I worked with Crystal on making sure that both my website and the new book I'm writing are inclusive and rooted in my core values. The feedback she provided on both was invaluable to making sure that I'm cultivating safe and welcoming spaces for all humans with shared values. She also inspired me to take a deep dive into my (and my brand's) core values, which was something I marinated on for several weeks and that resulted in some pretty significant a-ha moments for me. Crystal is incredibly kind, funny, thoughtful, professional, brilliant, and an all-around amazing human. I cannot recommend her and her work more highly!!!" ~Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events

Krista Walsh Copywriter:

"I worked with Crystal on brand coaching, and it was far more transformative than I could have imagined. She creates such a warm space to feel safe getting honest with yourself, which is what you need to make real progress. As I begin a rebrand this year, I'm going to be referring to our work together constantly--and I don't know where I would be without it. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to Crystal if you know you want to be inclusive in your business or brand... but don't know where exactly to start." ~Krista Walsh, Krista Walsh Copywriter

Justin McCallum Photography:

"Crystal's thoughtful mentorship and uncanny ability to foster others confidence and creativity completely helped me reshape my business. The mix of challenging but important coursework and discussions with her over the course of a few weeks helped me break down barriers and reach a new place in my business that I hadn’t been able to achieve in nearly six years on my own. Not only is Crystal incredible at helping brands realize their truest potential as inclusive, holistic enterprises, she’s also just a kickass person! I can’t wait to continue working with her in the years to come to make my business flourish even more." ~Justin McCallum, Justin McCallum Photography

Modern Rebel & Co.:

"Crystal is A PRO! I worked with Crystal this past year to dive deep into my branding and core values as a company working in the wedding industry. We worked one on one through issues, trouble spots, and growth opportunities. She was supportive, professional, and wise in her approach and practice. Crystal possesses a unique skill to not only get at the heart of the issue by creating a safe space for vulnerability but also challenging you with actionable next steps - not afraid to nudge when it's necessary. I cannot recommend Crystal highly enough and frankly, wish I had her when I started my business six years ago. But I know that I will certainly be a repeat client, however, and recommend her to anyone + everyone." ~Amy Shack Egan, Modern Rebel & Co.

Passion Flower Sue:

"The SINGLE BEST THING I did for myself and my business this year was to work with “brand therapist” Crystal Whiteaker. With clarity on my motivations for being a florist and teacher, I can better communicate through my work, navigate my path with purpose, and make tough decisions with ease. I wish this for everyone!! I believe this is also how we tap into our own unique creative expression. I highly encourage learning from and working with Crystal–it will immediately elevate your professional and personal impact." ~Susan McLeary, Passion Flower Sue

Kara Evans Photographer:

"I worked with Crystal to reexamine and dive deep into my business and brand all through the lens of creating a more welcoming, inclusive brand. I would 100% recommend Crystal's inclusivity coaching and cannot recommend her more highly! Crystal helped me rediscover parts of my brand that I'd pushed aside and gave me the needed encouragement to share my heart on a deeper level within my brand and life. Before this, I didn't know anyone that I trusted to do  this work alongside, so I was thankful when Crystal shared the opportunity. If you're looking to rediscover your brand values, share your heart with your community, and walk a daily journey to a more inclusive brand all within a safe, encouraging space - Crystal is your go-to guide!" ~Kara Evans, Kara Evans Photographer

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Disrupt the status quo. Create brave spaces. Embody an inclusive leadership style aligned with core values.