Examining Bias: The Impact and Behaviors

A two-hour workshop brought to you by Crystal Whiteaker; inclusive branding expert and creator of The Aligned Values Framework™ and Tanisha Rodriguez; people and culture specialist


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You're invited to join our next public workshop on Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12pm PST

This will be the last time we offer this workshop to the public in 2024. Click here to join us!

We know unpacking bias can feel uncomfortable...

That's why we've created a container with space agreements where you can show up as your whole human self to learn and ask questions without judgment. This isn't a standard corporate style DEIB training.

We understand that for diversity, equity, and inclusion to be truly effective, there must be an emphasis on belonging. This means creating space for honest conversations and providing tools to help manage discomfort while examining bias.

Learn about what influences bias and ways to manage discomfort when navigating bias.

Together, we will explore:

  • Shared language on bias
  • What impacts bias
  • Different types of bias
  • Recognizing intersectionality
  • Using awareness to acknowledge others 

Finish with reflection exercises to acknowledge and honor the diverse lived experiences of others.

Examining Bias June 20, 2024 12pm PST Live Workshop


$47.00 USD
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“The more sources of reference you have, the easier it is to manage your unconscious bias.” -Jimi Vaughn

Join us for one of three dates to choose from:

Examining Bias March 13, 2024 at 12pm PST (3pm EST)


$47.00 USD
Examining Bias March 21, 2024 at 4pm PST (7pm EST)


$47.00 USD
Examining Bias March 23, 2024 at 10am PST (1pm EST)


$47.00 USD

“The Examining Bias workshop was SO enlightening and impactful. Highly recommend!” Elisa Stampf, Insure Equality

Thanks to you for creating this container, for sharing your experiences, encouraging curiosity, and helping us ALL do better one conversation at a time.” -Michelle Sciuto, COO & Marketing Director

“I'm looking at my daily life through a slightly different prism since the training. Definitely regarding - presenting in public (with spouse), thinking of other's perspectives. There is a great need for this information out there.” -Brent Kuszyk, Marketing and Fundraising Consultant

“Very professional and friendly presentation. The space felt open, warm, and engaging. As per my understanding and expectations, the 90min was an overview on a deep topic. I appreciated the invitation to engage as well. What stuck most was the 5 reflection Q. I appreciated the encouragement to take a screen shot so I could reflect deeper later. I would love to sit with the questions and the answers that emerge in small breakout groups but that's a whole other workshop! I also appreciated all the personal stories shared. The environment feels safe and open to the messy that shows up. The energy is beautiful, kind, and serious.” -Sherry Horan, Team Development Facilitator

Examining Bias June 20, 2024 12pm PST Live Workshop


$47.00 USD

Meet Your Guides

About Crystal Whiteaker: 

Crystal Whiteaker (pronouns: she/her) is the Founder and CEO of Crystal Lily Creative, and Author of Brave Leadership is a Choice: An Inclusive Guide to Creating Belonging. Crystal is a trauma-informed Inclusive Branding and Leadership Development Consultant who helps mission driven brands and leaders create human-focused messaging and environments rooted in core values. Crystal brings over 15 years of creative, relational, process driven experience across multiple industries. She is a self-described "corporate trained, creative hippie” who puts a strong focus on core values to help people connect, communicate and lead with belonging in mind. Crystal cares deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and is an advocate for leaders and organizations that provide resources and support for healing. Beyond her work, Crystal enjoys spending time at the beach, connecting with people, and exploring new places. Connect with Crystal directly at [email protected].

About Tanisha Rodriguez:

Tanisha Rodriguez worked in the Media and Entertainment industry for ten years, with over a decade of prior experience in the financial sector. Tanisha managed Employee Engagement for Fox Networks Group, from creating affinity groups to launching employee programs. Tanisha collaborated with different departments, including Diversity and Inclusion, Learning and Development, and Talent Acquisition. In December 2019, Tanisha went on to work with the Diversity and Inclusion team for Walt Disney Television, leading change management efforts to combine legacy Disney affinity groups with legacy Fox’s to create a global framework. Tanisha left Disney to launch her nonprofit, Sister Circle Media, and joined Deluxe Media Inc. as their head of Diversity, before moving into consulting to support organizations with people and culture efforts. Connect with Tanisha directly at [email protected]

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