The Benefits of Core Values: A Guide to Living an Aligned Life

core values decision making leadership small business Oct 31, 2023

In life, we all have beliefs and principles that guide us. These are our core values–the things that matter most to us and help us make decisions that align with our purpose. Whether you realize it or not, your core values play a crucial role in shaping your identity and determining your path in life and the business you create. 

In the early stages of building my business, I narrowed my top five core values and intentionally honored them. Defining my values early on made it easier to focus on my goals and what’s important to me as both a leader and an individual. Honoring my values helped me show up more mindfully for people in my business. 

Why is this important? I’ll tell you! 


Core values give you clarity and direction

When you know your beliefs, making decisions that align with your goals and commitments becomes easier. Your core values provide a clear roadmap for how you want to live your life, which allows you to focus on what truly matters.

For example, if one of your core values is integrity, you'll be more likely to make honest choices even when difficult. If another value is creativity, you may be more inclined to pursue artistic endeavors or work in a field that allows self-expression.


They help you prioritize

When faced with multiple options or competing demands for your time and energy, deciding what to do next can be challenging. Your core values act as a filter for these choices, helping you prioritize what's most important.

For instance, if family is a crucial value for you, spending time with loved ones will prioritize other activities like work or hobbies. If personal growth is essential, investing time in learning new skills or pursuing educational opportunities may be at the top of your list.


They define who you are

Your core values reflect what matters most to you as an individual. Consistently living according to these principles over time becomes part of your identity–shaping how others perceive you and how you see yourself.

Suppose honesty is one of your core values, and people consistently acknowledge you as truthful and trustworthy. In that case, this reinforces the perception that integrity is central to who you are.

Defining your core values by honing in on the things that matter most to you and sharing what you’re passionate about is the first step towards reaching those goals. Consider the familiar words, phrases, and themes that come to mind when you think about your brand, and also consider what other people that you’ve loved working with say about their experience with your brand. Don’t be afraid to reach out to past clients and network partners you’ve worked with and ask for feedback and testimonials if you haven’t already been doing this.  When you ask people to write reviews, they often use language that you can work into your messaging, including your core values–the soul of your brand.

When you hone in on your core values, you will notice a difference not only in what comes into your life and your business but also in what you allow in your life and your business. To help you get started, I’ve created a free guide to help you define your core values and begin creating messaging that will help you connect to your audience and grow the community around your brand meaningfully!

Click here to download your free core values guide and start defining the soul of your brand to connect with your dream community!

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