Build An Empowered Brand

That Elevates Your Community 

An inclusive branding and leadership development education program rooted in The Aligned Values Framework™ to help you disrupt the status quo in your business.



Who is Empowered Branding For?

This program is perfect for you if you own a business AND...

You are dedicated to creating a genuinely inclusive, empowered brand that elevates, welcomes, and inspires people in communities to live the life they want to live.

You need help defining your core values, beliefs, mission, and vision so you can create a network to help fuel your net worth.

You have a good foundation in place, and you're ready to clarify your message to speak directly to people who will support and buy from you.

You want to create engaging content that aligns with your values and draws people in so you can focus on having fun in your business.

The Benefit of Aligned Core Values

You're in the right place if...


YOU ARE PASSIONATE  about what you do.

YOU ARE CONFIDENT  in the impact your brand can make. 

YOU ARE MINDFUL  that people have different life experiences.

YOU ARE READY  to connect with people who share your values. 

YOU ARE SEEKING  clients who will support, purchase, and recommend your services.


If You’re Thinking, “This is ME,” then Welcome to Empowered Branding with Crystal Lily Creative!

Empowered Branding will give the tools you need to disrupt the status quo and create a community around your brand that welcomes and inspires others.


During your experience you will learn how to...

  • Create an empowered brand message, including strong mission, vision, and brand statements.
  • Communicate your core values and beliefs through engaging messaging.
  • Build a community around your brand that aligns with your core values.
  • Unpack bias and use what you learn to promote genuine inclusivity.
  • Have actionable steps to ensure inclusion in your brand.
  • Build relationships around your brand that help you grow.
  • Clarify the direction of your brand and confidently move it forward with brand consulting.
  • Feel confident about your brand and sharing your unique magic with your audience.
  • Embody your inclusive leadership style and way of being.

Justin McCallum Photography:

"Crystal's thoughtful mentorship and uncanny ability to foster others confidence and creativity completely helped me reshape my business. The mix of challenging but important coursework and discussions with her over the course of a few weeks helped me break down barriers and reach a new place in my business that I hadn’t been able to achieve in nearly six years on my own. Not only is Crystal incredible at helping brands realize their truest potential as inclusive, holistic enterprises, she’s also just a kickass person! I can’t wait to continue working with her in the years to come to make my business flourish even more." ~Justin McCallum, Justin McCallum Photography

Learn How to Build an Empowered, Enticing, Inclusive Brand.

  • Connect with and work with people who feel like "your people."
  • Build relationships and work with people who align with your core values and beliefs so you don't ever feel like you're sacrificing your boundaries.
  • Speak directly to the brand consulting experts who will work with you and invest in you with a clear, concise brand message.  
  • Create inclusive messaging without worrying that you might say the wrong thing.
  • Feel more freedom, fun, and power in your business!
  • Embody your inclusive leadership style and way of being. 

SNEAK PEEK: Inside Empowered Branding 

Using The Aligned Values Framework, Empowered Branding is a self-guided program designed to help you build the foundation for an inclusive, human-focused brand. Ideally, you will complete this within 12 weeks, however, you are encouraged to manage your energy and go through this at a pace that works for you.

Step 1: Clarify 

  • Gain a clear view of what inclusion really is. 
  • Understand the importance of inclusion in your brand.
  • Get important definitions and examples of inclusion and empowered branding.

Step 2: Connect

  • Understand connection and social environment in and around your business.
  • Learn the benefits of connection to create welcoming social environments.
  • Create brave space for inclusion and connection in social environments.

Step 3: Root

  • Identify your core values, honor your beliefs, and commit to your community. 
  • Use your core values to connect and sell to your audience. 
  • Use brand consulting to help build an engaged, supportive community. 
  • Share what you're passionate about and inspire others to follow your lead.

Step 4: Disrupt

  • Identify bias on a personal, professional, and community level. 
  • Raise your individual awareness. 
  • Let people know what your brand represents.
  • Make mindful decisions to create an inclusive community in and around your brand.

Step 5: Embody

  • Connect to your character and desired way of being.
  • Outline your personal mission and vision.
  • Outline and create your inclusive personal philosophy.

Step 6: Create

  • Confidently share what you do, what you believe in, who you serve, and how you do it.  
  • Create messaging to attract your ideal community and grow your brand in a way that feels genuinely connected to your core values and beliefs.
  • Finish with a strong mission, vision, and empowered brand statement. 

The program is designed to keep you supported and on track to an empowered brand; including access to a community Slack container, where you will be able to connect with members and ask questions.

You also have the option to add calls with Crystal for additional support! 


When you book your Empowered Branding coaching experience, you will receive:

  • An Aligned Values Workbook to help you formulate an inclusive, human-focused brand message from the roots up, that people feel connected to and want to support.
  • Option to add 3 months of Voxer support and individual calls with Crystal. 
  • Access to an engaged, inclusive Slack community with additional resources.
  • Tools to help you cultivate an inspired, empowered community.

Are you ready to book your Empowered Branding program experience?

Empowered Branding



  • Aligned Values Workbook
  • Access to Empowered Branding
  • Access to Slack community
  • Option to add Voxer support and individual coaching calls

Empowered Branding


Three equal installments.

  • Aligned Values Workbook
  • Access to Empowered Branding
  • Access to Slack community
  • Option to add Voxer support and individual coaching calls

Note: We want to make this as accessible as possible. Please reach out if you have questions about alternative payment plans.

BRA Network:

"In just two short hours of working with Crystal, I found clarity and connectivity in my brand messaging that I never had before. I can't wait to implement all the great suggestions and feedback she provided me with. It was so IMPACTFUL! " ~Carrie Murray, Founder, BRA Network.


Find Your Brand Voice and Share Your Commitment to the communities you want to serve

You are dedicated to building a genuinely welcoming, elevated, empowering brand, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

But let’s face it - we all need help sometimes. With Empowered Branding, I’ll help you implement strategies to welcome new communities, not just with your words, but with every fiber of your business and branding.

It’s time to STOP feeling frustrated and unsure about what you post to social media or how to share your offers with your community, and instead, feel confident that you can clearly speak your message from a place that is 100% aligned with your core values and beliefs. 

When we do the work together, I promise you'll be connecting and engaging with people who make you feel valued and understood, and by doing so, you’ll disrupt the status quo and make a positive impact for the people who support you and benefit from what you have to offer.

I look forward to being involved in this experience with you!  


Are you ready to Disrupt the Status-Quo and Change the Way You Think about Connection and Influence in Your Business?

Empowered Branding



  • Aligned Values Workbook
  • Access to Empowered Branding
  • Access to Slack community
  • Option to add Voxer support and individual coaching calls

Empowered Branding


Three equal installments.

  • Aligned Values Workbook
  • Access to Empowered Branding
  • Access to Slack community
  • Option to add Voxer support and individual coaching calls

Note: We want to make this as accessible as possible. Please reach out if you have questions about alternative payment plans.

Paige Ray Creative:

"WOW! Her program was introspective and evolutionary; it made me feel like I had the tools to evolve myself, my business, and my values and express them in the way I really want to. I HIGHLY recommend doing her program for every and any business. She answered my questions and created a beautiful, supportive space to learn." ~Paige Ray, Paige Ray Creative

Color Pop Events:

"Working with Crystal was an incredible experience! I worked with Crystal on making sure that both my website and the new book I'm writing are inclusive and rooted in my core values. The feedback she provided on both was invaluable to making sure that I'm cultivating safe and welcoming spaces for all humans with shared values. She also inspired me to take a deep dive into my (and my brand's) core values, which was something I marinated on for several weeks and that resulted in some pretty significant a-ha moments for me. Crystal is incredibly kind, funny, thoughtful, professional, brilliant, and an all-around amazing human. I cannot recommend her and her work more highly!!!" ~Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events

Krista Walsh Copywriter:

"I worked with Crystal on brand coaching, and it was far more transformative than I could have imagined. She creates such a warm space to feel safe getting honest with yourself, which is what you need to make real progress. As I begin a rebrand this year, I'm going to be referring to our work together constantly--and I don't know where I would be without it. I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to Crystal if you know you want to be inclusive in your business or brand... but don't know where exactly to start." ~Krista Walsh, Krista Walsh Copywriter


Disrupt the status quo and learn what you need to build an inclusive, human-focused brand.