Building an inclusive, empowered brand requires mindful action and compassionate intention. Having a guide to help you start defining core values to root your brand mesaging in will help alleviate the sense of overwhelm when you dig into this work.

Here are some free guides to help you get started...

Guides to get you started...

Core Values Guide

Define your core values and outline how you want to share them with your community.


How to Create an Inclusive, Empowered Brand Statement

Let people know what you and your brand represent, support, and believe in.


 Speaking Guide

Questions for you to consider when being invited to share your expertise or inviting guests to speak to your community.


Hi! I'm Crystal.

I'm a Brand Consultant, specializing in inclusion. 

We often share a common value: we want to use our platforms to advocate for things like philanthropy, inclusion, human rights and social justice, education, sustainability--ultimately things that help empower people and communities.

While I started my business as a wedding photographer, I made a shift in 2019 to work with impactful brands.  Combining my 15+ years of corporate experience with my creative passion, I created brand photography and consulting experiences to help business strengthen their brands by creating visuals and messaging infused with their brand story and core values.  

I believe that core values and beliefs are the soul of your business and I use that philosophy to help you root, feed, and define your brand. This makes it feel easier to share your message and connect to people in a meaningful way. The goal is to give you the tools and resources to build an engaged community around your brand.

I want to see you transform and evolve your business!



Learn what you need to build an inclusive, empowered brand with Crystal Lily Creative.

I'm ready now!