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Crystal Lily Creative Philosophy

Crystal Lily Creative believes in empowering leaders by helping them create the tools they need to form relationships that support their growth and their purpose, without sacrificing integrity.

We believe in the freedom to use our platform to help create positive growth and change within communities, because safety and equality should be a right, not a privilege.

We believe that disrupting the status quo is necessary so that self-care no longer has to include evaluating the safety of the spaces people seek to occupy. 

Note: Our focus for 2022 is "Our Roles in Creating Inclusive Environments." We will be hosting a series of masterclasses throughout the year to support this focus. If you would like to receive access to bundled masterclass rates and options, you are invited to learn more here.

Modern Rebel & Co.

"Crystal is A PRO! I worked with Crystal this past year to dive deep into my branding and core values as a company working in the wedding industry. We worked one on one through issues, trouble spots, and growth opportunities. She was supportive, professional, and wise in her approach and practice. Crystal possesses a unique skill to not only get at the heart of the issue by creating a safe space for vulnerability but also challenging you with actionable next steps - not afraid to nudge when it's necessary. I cannot recommend Crystal highly enough and frankly, wish I had her when I started my business six years ago. But I know that I will certainly be a repeat client, however, and recommend her to anyone + everyone." ~Amy Shack Egan, Founder & CEO

Color Pop Events

"Working with Crystal was an incredible experience! I worked with Crystal on making sure that both my website and the new book I'm writing are inclusive and rooted in my core values. The feedback she provided on both was invaluable to making sure that I'm cultivating safe and welcoming spaces for all humans with shared values. She also inspired me to take a deep dive into my (and my brand's) core values, which was something I marinated on for several weeks and that resulted in some pretty significant a-ha moments for me. Crystal is incredibly kind, funny, thoughtful, professional, brilliant, and an all-around amazing human. I cannot recommend her and her work more highly!!!" ~Leah Weinberg, Owner & Lead Planner

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