7 Ways to Honor Black Business Owners in August

black owned business Aug 01, 2023

7 Ways to Honor Black Business Owners in August 

August is National Black Business Month. This month of recognition was started by John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan, Sr. in 2004 to highlight the needs and economic benefits of Black owned businesses in the United States. There has been growing support for Black owned businesses over the last few years, however there is still more to do.

Here are seven ways you can honor Black business owners this month and throughout the year:


1. Buy from Black owned businesses

Take inventory of the purchases you make on a regular basis and determine how you can use your buying power to support Black owned businesses.


2. Promote and refer to Black owned businesses

If you share businesses to buy from or you have a referral list, review it to make sure you’re including Black owned businesses.


3. Give credit where credit is due 

If you learn or purchase something from a Black business owner and share it, make sure you credit who/where you learned/purchased it from.


4. Leave a review

If you love an experience or product you received from a Black owned business, share it. Testimonials help support marketing efforts to bring in new business.


5. Partner with Black owned businesses

Business partnerships can include partnering for events, selling their products or services through your business, or sponsoring a giveaway to bring financial support and social awareness to a Black owned business.


6. Don’t ghost

If you agree to work with a Black owned business and then decide not to for any reason, whether it’s financial, timing, or you change your mind, be respectful and let them know so they aren’t directing their energy to hold space for you when someone who’s invested in honoring their energy could benefit.


7. Pay full price and don’t ask for discounts

It’s okay to ask if payment plans are available for service based businesses like coaching or consulting, but asking for a discount is never okay. (This goes for Black folks, too. If we want people to honor our rates, we need to honor each other.)


Due to systemic and institutional oppression, Black business owners continue to face more challenges than white business owners. I invite you to regularly commit to practicing at least one thing from the list above. If you want more personalized guidance on supporting Black-owned businesses, connect with us to learn more about transformative ways to work together! 


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