3 Ways to Have A Gentle Summer: How Energy, Magic, and Relationships Lead to Sustainable, Inclusive Change

belonging burnout inclusion inclusive leadership lgbtq+ rights relationships rest social justice sustainable women's rights Jul 05, 2023

There is a lot of content online about burnout and rest–particularly related to social justice. Both topics have appeared in my inbox and social feeds between news of Supreme Court rulings and legislation across the country attacking women’s bodily autonomy, LGBTQ+ rights, and voting rights. I would be lying to you if I claimed I wasn’t tired and worried about the state of America. And sometimes the question of whether or not I should even continue doing this work because what’s the point? enters my mind. When this happens, I remind myself to go back to my why, give myself some grace, and remember that real social change takes time. 

I’m sharing this, because I know how easy it is to want to throw in the towel when our efforts seem pointless and our bodies feel tired. That’s why I’m encouraging 3 ways to have a gentle summer in order to honor our commitments at a sustainable pace.

If you’re committed to being a mindful, inclusive leader consider these options:

 1. Honor your energy

Tune into yourself and consider what you need. Perhaps it’s saying no to invitations, because FOMO isn’t worth exhaustion. Or maybe giving yourself more breaks during the day will reignite your creativity. I also invite you to consider shorter work days/weeks if it’s possible for you to do this season. Whatever honoring your energy entails, I encourage you to do it.

2. Lean into your magic

Focus on the things you’re really good at. Think about how you feel when you do things that light you up and the results that follow. When you lean into your magic, it should feel energizing and effortless. The energetic boost of your magic will help you remain committed to your why, your purpose, and your promises.

3. Prioritize aligned relationships

Speaking of energizing and effortless…make sure your relationships are nourishing you. Whether it’s spending time with people who make you feel good, working or collaborating with people with aligned values, or connecting with people who value you and remind you of your magic, prioritizing aligned relationships will help reduce stress and bring more joy. 

Mindful, inclusive leadership doesn’t just happen because we read a book or attend a class. We must be gentle with ourselves in order to truly connect with others and understand what is needed to co-create environments where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. By honoring our energy, leaning into our magic, and prioritizing aligned relationships, we can give ourselves what we need to move at a sustainable pace in pursuit of real social change. Here's to having a gentle summer and embodying alignment year-round.

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